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Your innovative and unique talents deserve to be heard, and Independent Music Pro will PROMOTE YOUR MUSIC on the world stage.

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Named the very best in their industry. We’re honored to professionally represent each and every media professional and to offer our unique professional perspectives, experiences and points of view to massively increase your music’s visibility. There’s a richer music world, a deeper study of character and a more in depth music promotion story awaiting.

Independent Music Promotion Locations:

* Los Angeles Media Promotion / New York Media Promotion / Chicago Media Promotion / Vancouver Media Promotion *

There’s a partnership here, with each of our artists, that will place you at the white-hot center of pop culture and at the newly-emerging intersection of music marketing and musical entertainment media. Independent Media Pro celebrates independent thought and the independent spirit that resides in every person who puts pen to paper and cares about making good music for people who care about listening to good entertainment.

Independent Music Promotion Media

We’re here for music promotion greatness. For more than fifteen years independent media pro has brought together the very best of musical entertainment media.

Independently promote your music media

Independent Music Pro is a highly respected music media marketing company. We have spent years building our industry contacts, which allows Independent Media Pro to promote our music clients in the most prestigious media publications and online digital media. We represent a national and international roster of broad spectrum company genres with a professional online presence.

Independent Music Promotion Professional

We are extremely passionate about our professional client roster, which is why Independent Media Pro is selective about who it represents. We only promote high quality, inventive bands and artists. If you are a talent who embodies creative gusto and are brave enough to try something unique, then we are hear for all your music promotional needs.

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